Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The pain that never seems to go away

Yesterday was one of the worse days of my life. I went to the hospital to get my knee fixed, since i have a cyst in there that causes a lot of pain from time to time and the fucking doctor stuck a freaking needle in the back of my knee with cortisone, that heard like a bitch. I don't think I've ever screamed so loud in my life. My sister was nice enough to go with me and im so glad that she did. She almost passed out when she saw the needle, got thing i didn't. So Ive been walking around like an 80 year old lady. You wanna hear the worse part of it all....... On Saturday I'm going to Thailand. Yep that's right going to sit on a plane for about 12 hours and then a drive for about 3 hours, not so fun. I'm really hoping that the pain goes away by then. Well just wanted to ventilate a bit since i feel sorry for my sister and Åke her fiance, that they have to hear my crap all the time.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

So today we were supposed to have a poker night with a few of our friends after work. I just wanted the day to end so i could go home open a bottle of beer and chill with my friends. We were actually quite a few people that come, it was Agnar, Nat, Erik, John John, Mateuz, PJ, John, and Dimo. What a night! Nat was nice to go and buy me some beers and ciders, so i would have something to drink on whiles playing poker. So after dinner we thought that we would start playing, but we ended up playing some really wierd card game that was really complicate. I thought why bother so i just started playing some Soul Caliber on my game cube. I think dimo also thought the game was boring and joined me playing, oh by the way, i kicked his ass in soul caliber! Then we moved out butts into the bedroom where we were talking about everything and nothing. Agnar and Nat come to join us and it became a "4some" in the bedroom. Gosh did we have fun, lying in bed talking about sex. Its really funny how that topic always comes up. I mean you never get away from the topic! So anyway at 12:00 am they thought it was time to go. I followed them down to the car cause i thought i would be quite interesting to see how the hell they were going to fit 6 people in a really small car and was that a blast. I almost pissed my pants! So we should definitely have this get together more often, but only next time we actually get to the point where we do play poker!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, need i say more...... Gosh what a day i thought it would never end, the phones at work were ringing like mad then i was getting mailed bombed all the time, crazy!!!! My sister came by the office with this guy that she meet on the net, she wanted to tell me that he was going to join us for dinner. At first i was really sceptical and thought shit i really don't want to go home, i mean i really haven't gotten a long with any of her other guys so i thought this time would no be any different, but how wrong i was. He turned out to be a really nice guy called Åke, he is 26years old and has a kid at the age of 3years. Talking about a young dad, but pretty cool. So its 21:30 and almost soon bed time, my 2 babies have already gone to bed, so maybe i should join them. I would like to end this by saying " have fun in the sun, get laid in the shade"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

So Sunday.... the cleaning day. Yeah we always clean the house and do laundry on Sunday, but today i had to do everything on my one cause Agnar had to work and Nat went out on a date. I actually don't mind at all cleaning the house all by myself, i think its quite nice, and plus for some weird reason it goes faster. I was talking to Emma and Jonathan on Skype, i find this Skype thing really cool, and the best part about it its for free. I mean what a great program to keep in touch with you friends, thou i need to get myself a web cam and a mic, so that people can hear me, its not so fun to chat all the time plus your fingers get tired. I'm sitting here watching Agnar play this fantasy game, it looks pretty cool, but i have no clue what its is all about, and behind me my sister is paying a game that is alot like "Doom". A yes "Doom" now that was a fun game. I remember when i was in school i used to skip class to play computer games, looking back at that actually brings a smile on my face since today i don't even own a computer game. Things really to change when one get older.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday, one of my favourite days of the week, why..... cause you get to sleep in!!!! Actually Sundays are just as good. Nat broke the balcony door handle last night so we had to go into town to buy a new one, i cant believe they cost 200kr, i thought that was really expensive. Anyway before we left we were listening to music, and nat was listening to a really old song by lucy peral, its called "You" and that is a dam good song, its together with Snoop Dogg. So in town we bumped into my old friend Monica. Its funny we never need to call each other to hang out we just keep on bumping into each other in town. I don't think i have ever bumped into someone as much as i do with her. We had to go home so we didn't hang out that much. On the train back home i wanted to listen to my mp3 player, but my sister kept bugging my to look and this guy, cause she thought he was cute, and according to her, he kept checking my out. But of course i don't notice these things. But i had seen this guy before on the train home, and to be honest he actually is really good looking.

Carina had invited us to go to church to hear her sing in a choir, once in the church i remember why i don't go to church, or why I'm not religious for that matter, church's are really depressing, the only time i go to church is if it is someone funeral, so the feeling was kinda weird. But the singing was amazing, i tell there is now way one could fall asleep when the choir is singing. How do i know.... cause i fell asleep but got woken up just as fast. Nat and I were playing tic tack toe when the priest was saying a prayer. I didn't understand a word he was saying, he was a from south of Sweden and had a really strong accent, so it was hard to understand what the hell he was saying. After the church visit we went to kista to get some food, Carina and her boyfriend were really nice to help me with the cat food and the cat sand, i bought 1 bag of cat food weighing 10kgs and 2 cats sand weighing 15kgs each, so it was a good thing that they had the car.

Well i gotta go and learn the lyrics to this song cause its the bomb!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Today is a nice day, we only work until 13:00 as it is a holiday tomorrow here. SO after work my sister drop by the office and we went to get our hair cut. I cut my hair really short compared to before, so now i have hair to my shoulders instead of almost down to my butt, feels much better. Then we went to the store mega where i bought the charlie brown DVD box, yeah i know i bought more DVDs, hey what can you see, if your a DVD addict you just are one. So now we are just and home chilling and watching a whole bunch of series, gonna go and watch some desperate housewife's.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Man oh man, i tell you one should never trust anyone but oneself. Last week i told a customer that if he didn't pay his ticket the airline was going to cancel, to be nice i told him that i would issue his ticket and he could get back to me on Monday with the payment details, did he get back to me, of course not. So now i was sitting there with a ticket to Manila that is not even refundable. Lucky my supervisor saved my ass but emailing the airline and asking them to make an exception witch they agreed to do against a small fee witch is okay since the pax had payed a little sum so we do not loose on this. Shit and i really trusted that guy! Anyway I'm glad that it work out, a big star to my supervisor that managed to fix this!

Cant wait to get home, my sister has made tacos for us. That is nice haven't had that in a long time.